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Expanding Horizons: VSAI’s Exciting Meeting Changes in 2024 for a More Inclusive Future

As you all know, VSAI is the 17th-speaking association of all and at the same time, it is the youngest and the fastest-growing!

We are truly grateful for all our long-standing members, as well as for all newcomers! Together we are creating a truly inclusive and accessible, as well as the most sustainable speaking association of all!

It is with great excitement that we share a truly remarkable change with you all: the developments are set to usher in a new era of even more inclusivity and global collaboration at VSAI.

Our regular meetings, scheduled for the 2nd week of each month, will continue to be held at the familiar time of 9 CET / 8 am UK / 7 pm AEDT (Melbourne). This consistency ensures that our members can rely on these gatherings for insightful discussions, networking and learnings from phenomenal speakers from all around the world! These meetings will be hosted by Olga Geidane and Fiona Kearns.

In a remarkable move towards even more inclusivity, our meetings in the 4th week of the month will be hosted alternately by Warwick Merry and Gilly Chater. These special meetings will occur at 9 am AEDT (Melbourne) / 10 pm UK time / 11 pm CET time / 5 pm EST (New York). This strategic adjustment allows us to extend a warm welcome to our esteemed members from the USA, Canada, and beyond, fostering a truly global VSAI community.

A Celebration of Collaboration: Embracing a Bright Future

We cannot help but feel that this marks a historic moment in VSAI’s journey. The prospect of a more inclusive and globally connected community is an exciting one.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Gilly for her invaluable contributions and for taking the initiative to conduct the meetings in 2024. Your dedication to collaboration has been already truly remarkable during the process of organising the EMERGE conference and we look forward to seeing you expand the horizon for the VSAI even more!

Warwick, your enthusiasm and willingness to help pave the way for VSAI’s global reach are commendable. We applaud your commitment to our shared vision and we express our gratitude for you joining our team!

As we move forward with these changes, we are confident that VSAI will continue to thrive, bringing speakers and professionals together from around the world. The horizon has never looked brighter, and we are excited to see our community flourish and grow. Thank you all for your continued support and engagement.

Warm regards,
Olga Geidane
Task Force Chair of Education

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