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LEVEL UP International Virtual Conference – Your Chance to Learn from 250 Years of Combined Experience!

What inspired you to choose “Level Up!” as the theme of this year’s Speaker Conference, and how do you think it will resonate with attendees?

The next level of success, a much bigger goal or target is not achievable if we are not levelling up ourselves. Our speaking business grows WITH us, not outside or without us! I am inspired by continuous growth and levelling up in the nature and I think we all can take it right onto out businesses: getting better, stronger and smarter every day in every way!

Therefore the concept of levelling up is about taking your skills, knowledge, and experience to the next level. It’s about pushing yourself outside of your imaginary comfort zone and striving for excellence. By doing so, you can (and you will!) unlock new opportunities and achieve your goals to impact, educate and motivate faster than you ever thought possible. 

Attending our VSAI Level Up conference on the 10th of May can help you level up by exposing you to new ideas, best practices, and industry trends. You’ll have the chance to learn from experts in your field, network with peers, and gain valuable insights that can help you grow both personally and professionally. 

Why should we do it, why level up? The answer is that we owe it to ourselves and our mission, our purpose as speakers! 

Failing to level up could mean getting left behind. “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got” – famously said, Henry Ford. 

If you’re serious about levelling up in your speaking career while also developing new connections in our industry, consider attending our conference on the 10th of May 2023!

Can you share with us some of the highlights of the conference agenda, and what attendees can expect to gain from attending?

We have 9 speakers bringing incredible value and combined expertise of nearly 250 years, a panel of VSAI board members that will enlighten you with top tips on how to level up and what mistakes to avoid! There will be breakout rooms for discussing the most important takeaways after each speaker as well as for meeting new people and do networking!

Nigel Risner will be opening our conference with his keynote, followed by Julie Holmes speaking on Pivot to Products: How to Productize Your Expertise and Scale Your Business, and Keith Abraham will do a workshop on Getting On More Stages – The 3 Elements to Attract More Bookings. 

There is something many speakers neglect and forget about and Sarah Fox will enlighten us about it: Becoming a Smooth Operator – 3 Steps to a successful speaker contract! And another thing often overlooked is a collaboration with the event host, which will be skillfully presented by Claire Boscq: Level-up your impact: how to shine in the spotlight by collaborating effectively with your event hosts. 

We will be back to doing and making more business with Lois Creamer that will do a workshop on Book More Business: Selling Your Speaking Services and Dawnna St Louis will deliver Flow like a boss: how to effortlessly turn sales into upfront cash – that so much needed money talk! Erik Swanson will introduce us to the power of Mastermind and our closing speaker will be Pegine with her rockstar keynote Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Paid Well!

You will also have the opportunity to get to know the VSAI team members that will be bringing loads of value and information through the panel and segments on membership, our upcoming Global Speakers Summit 2024 in Bali, news about our French chapter, upcoming events from other associations and of course, the results of the very first Speakers Day on the 14th of March!

The Speaker’s Line-up:

  • Nigel Risner
  • Julie Holmes
  • Keith Abraham
  • Sarah Fox
  • Claire Boscq
  • Lois Creamer
  • Dawnna St Louis
  • Erik Swanson
  • Pegine 

Register Now and Level Up Your Speaking Career:

With so many speaker conferences and events taking place throughout the year, what do you think sets VSAI’s Speaker Conference apart from the others, and why should speakers make it a priority to attend?

VSAI conference on the 10th of May is the only place where you can learn from nearly 250 years of combined experience and get a value of nearly EUR 90 000 in ONE DAY without leaving your home!

VSAI conference on the 10th of May is the only conference that will connect you with other speakers, trainers, coaches, authors and other professionals from around the world, literally from all 5 continents without leaving your sofa or home office! 

If that is not enough, then how about this: if you would happen to hire all of the VSAI LEVEL UP conference speakers, you would pay nearly EUR 90 000 for their time and expertise shared with us on the day!!! And yet, every participant is getting the value of thousands of euros for the fracture of the price: EUR 49!

Here is another golden nugget – members of the VSAI are attending this conference FREE of charge! That means if you are NOT a member yet, – today is the best time for you to become one!

And – right there, at the conference, you will be able to ask absolutely ANY question to any of our speakers or panellists! We have Q&A either incorporated into the talks by our speakers or straight after, so getting a reply to your burning question is guaranteed!

As you can see, the value of this conference is even better than winning the lottery! With the VSAI conference on the 10th of May, you are guaranteed to walk away with an endless return on your investment and feeling like a winner!

You will certainly remember this conference as the most energetic, informative, educational, inspirational, aspirational and motivational! 

It will help you stretch your vision and your goals and one day…you will be looking back in time, maybe you will be just about to come out onto the stage in front of your audience at one of the biggest stadiums in the world and you will remember some words said by one of our conference speakers… Those words will be still buzzing in your ears and you will be feeling thankful right in your heart to the VSAI for such an opportunity to learn from the best, so you could LEVEL UP yourself!

Come along and LEVEL UP yourself, your skills, your business, your performance your network and your networth!

Register Now and Level Up Your Speaking Career:

About Olga:
Olga Geidane is a highly engaging, thought-provoking speaker, a powerhouse of inspiration, a catalyst for change, and a champion of self-leadership on a global level. With her infectious energy and unwavering commitment to personal development, Olga has become a sought-after expert on topics ranging from transformation and change to mindset and leadership.

As an event host and facilitator of online and in-person events, Olga has honed her skills in engaging audiences from all corners of the globe. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level, while still delivering powerful messages, is what sets her apart from other speakers and event hosts.

As an award-winning mindset coach for high achievers and C-suite executives worldwide seeking to elevate their leadership skills, she is committed to delivering her best expertise and experience every single time! Her unique approach to coaching combines practical tools with a deep understanding of human behaviour, allowing her clients to achieve breakthroughs in both their personal and professional lives.

Olga has co-authored books with renowned experts and industry leaders such as Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy, Patrick Carney, Denis Waitley, Jim Cathcart, to name a few,  solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in the field of personal development.

Despite her busy schedule, Olga remains a world traveler at heart. Her passion for exploration and learning has taken her to five continents, where she has gained invaluable insights into the human experience and she applies that generously to her speaking engagements and coaching.

Olga Geidane
Task Force Chair – Education

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