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VSAI Virtual Summit 2022 – Call for Speaker Application

Theme : Spread Your Wings!

The Virtual Speakers Association International (VSAi) is the home for speakers, coaches and anyone who uses their voice professionally

We are the home for speakers who live in a country without a Professional Speakers Association. We are the latest association to join the Global Speakers Federation ( GSF )where NSA, PSA UK and 14 other Professional Speakers Associations are under. 2022 GSF summit is in Dublin end september and a call for speakers for 2024 in Bali will be up in October– maybe that´s more up your alley 🙂

For Oct 26- unpaid- speaking slot- please fill out this form so we can choose speakers for our VSA Virtual summit which will be on Zoom from 8.00am CEST until 2.00pm CEST. Thank you!…
Looking for 30 minute interactive talks on how to spread your wings to build partnerships, collaborations, or even self-improved skills to spread your message further and spread those wings further- to bigger stages.

We will let you know by first week of September if you were chosen. We value inclusion and diversity and if you are not chosen for our biannual summit, we will also have a summit in April and have educational sessions every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month, so we will reach out to you for those opportunities.

Please fill this form out by Aug 28

Thank you,
Jessica Breitenfeld
Education Head 
Virtual Speakers Association International Board Member
[email protected]

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