About Us

The Virtual Speakers Association (International) is the latest and 17th member association of the Global Speakers Federation

VSA International is for Speakers, MC’s, Trainers, Consultants and Experts; anyone who uses their voice on a one to many basis to create revenue.

You can join the Association if you:

  1. Are resident in a country that does not have a speakers association that is part of the GSF.
  2. If you wish to have a second membership to your home association because you are global
  3. If you are a nomadic, island hopping lifestyler who creates income via webinars

There are three types of interactions you can have with us: 

  1. Subscriber – This is appropriate for brand new speakers or speakers who earn most of their income outside of professional speaking. You will be invited to our live webinars and summits
  2. Membership – A Member will be an individual who wishes to seriously look to becoming a Professional Speaker – someone who uses their voice to make a living
  3. Professional Member – Once you have achieved the criteria required you can qualify to become a Professional Member. This includes a sample of your talk, having completed 10 hrs training and meeting a minimum income standard of $10,000USD

VSA International Family

Presidential Leadership Team

Paul ter Wal LLM CSP
Past President (Retired)

Lindsay Adams OAM
 Past President

Dr. Wendy Lee

Liz Hardwick
Vice President

Eksteen de Waal

Michel Poulaert

Task Force Chairs

Dr. Celina Peerman
Task Force Chair –
Education & Communication

Chantelle Botha
Task Force Chair –
Membership & Community

Sandeep Nath
Task Force Chair –
Chapters & Global Outreach

Vikram Anand
Task Force Chair –
Marketing & Branding

Speakers influence the boardrooms and leaders of the world. They impact the future of our planet daily.

Our Mission

To Provide Education, Connection and Acumen to Speakers from around the world.

Our Vision

For speakers from around the world to unite and become true professionals

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