Code of Ethics

The purpose of this Code of Professional Ethics is to establish and maintain our brand, reputation and public confidence in the professionalism, dedication, and integrity of not only the individual member of VSA International, but also of the Association itself.

The characteristics of honesty, leadership and stewardship are integral to the success of both VSA International and the individual professional speaker.

Therefore, all members of VSA International subscribe to this Code of Professional Ethics as a condition of membership, with the firm belief that each member will strive to uphold the values, reputation and legacy of VSA International. By doing so, members recognize the necessity to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in professional speaking.

Violations of this Code are determined in accordance with the bylaws, policies and procedures of VSA International. Any disciplinary action instituted by VSA International shall be binding and final upon the VSA International member and without recourse to the Association, its officers, members of staff. 

Article 1— Representation

The VSA International member has an obligation to oneself and to VSA International to represent oneself truthfully, professionally and in a non-misleading manner. The VSA International member shall be honest and accurate in presenting qualifications and experience in the member’s communication with others.

Article 2— Professionalism

The VSA International member shall act, operate his/her business, and speak in a most professional and ethical manner so as neither to offend nor bring discredit to oneself, the speaking professional or one’s fellow VSA INternational members.

Article 3— Research

The VSA international member shall exert efforts to understand each client’s organization, approaches, goals and culture in advance of a presentation, in order to professionally apply one’s expertise to meet each client’s needs.

Article 4— Intellectual Property

The VSA International member shall avoid using – either orally or in writing – materials, titles or thematic creations originated by others unless approved in writing by the originator.

Article 5— Respect & Collegiality

The VSA International member shall maintain a collegial relationship with fellow members that is based on respect, professional courtesy, dignity and the highest ethical standards.  Our code of conduct encourages responsible membership and emphasizes the importance of supporting national associations for those who have one.

Article 6— Confidentiality

The VSA International member shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business or personal affairs of clients, agents and other speakers.

Article 7— Business Practices

The VSA International member is obligated to maintain a high level of ethical standards and practices in order to assist in protecting the public against fraud or any unfair practice in the speaking profession and shall attempt to eliminate from the profession all practices that could bring discredit to the speaking profession.

Article 8— Diversity

The VSA International member shall not participate in any agreement or activity that would limit or deny access to the marketplace to any other speaker, to a client, or to the public. This includes, but not limited to, economic factors, race, ethnicity, creed, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or country of national origin of any party.