VSAI Bangladesh Chapter

Bangladesh’s rapidly growing economy presents fertile ground for nurturing public speaking talents. The enthusiasm among professionals and students alike for personal development and international exposure is palpable. However, access to platforms that offer such opportunities locally is limited. A VSAI chapter in Bangladesh could bridge this gap, providing a much-needed platform for aspiring and established speakers to sharpen their skills, share knowledge, and connect with the global speaking community.

Objectives of the VSAI Bangladesh Chapter

Promote Professional Speaking and Leadership: To foster an environment encouraging personal and professional growth through public speaking and networking opportunities.

Connect Local and Global Communities: To bridge the gap between Bangladeshi speakers and the international speaker community to enrich the global speaking landscape.

Empower Youth and Professionals: To engage and empower the youth and professionals in Bangladesh by providing them access to VSAI’s resources, workshops, and events.

Key Features of the VSAI Bangladesh Chapter

Hands-on Workshop or Training Sessions: Dive into interactive training that sharpens your online presentation skills and teaches you how to captivate digital audiences effectively.

  • Enhance your virtual speaking skills
  • Develop speaking as a business
  • Building your profile as a keynote speaker

Community Building: Forge meaningful connections, explore potential collaborations, and join a network that values the art of impactful communication.

  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Establish valuable partnerships

Expert Insights: Learn from accomplished speakers who will share their journeys, impart practical advice, and reveal keys to virtual speaking success.

  • Gain advice from inspiring keynote speakers
  • Access mentoring sessions, wisdom and strategies for your professional success

Spotlight Moments: Take the stage during our open mic segments to present your ideas, gain invaluable feedback, and grow in a nurturing environment.

  • Showcase your talent
  • Share your story
  • Receive constructive feedback

Join the Movement

The VSAI Bangladesh Chapter warmly welcomes speakers, leaders, and advisors to join our exciting project.

Together, we’ll change the way we communicate and have a big impact around the world by using the power of speaking.

Where & When

4.00 PM –  Dhaka, Bangladesh Time
Tuesday, 26 March 2024 | Online

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a low-lying, mainly riverine country on the Bay of Bengal. It covers an area of 147,000 square kilometres. 

Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority nation with a democratic, parliamentary system of government and a population of roughly 170 million people. (source)

A middle power in the Indo-Pacific, Bangladesh is home to the sixth-most spoken language in the world, the third-largest Muslim-majority population, and the second-largest economy in South Asia. It maintains the third-largest military in the region and is the most significant contributor of personnel to UN peacekeeping operations. (source)

Since its independence in 1971, Bangladesh has experienced various forms of governance. Despite numerous institutional weaknesses, the country’s regional and international relations highlight how it has maintained balanced relationships with its neighbours, especially India and Myanmar. The country has enormous potential for its geostrategic location, homogeneity, and people’s resilience to be consistent with growth. (source)

 According to the World Economic Forum report, during the past ten years, Bangladesh has grown its economy into the 35th largest in the world, cut its poverty rate in half and put millions of its citizens to work. In the decade before the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy grew at a blistering 7% annually and per capita gross domestic product (GDP) rose to about $2,500, surpassing even neighbouring India.

Meet Your Host, Ayesha J Bibha

Ayesha is the Thought Leader on Mindspeed and an expert on Neuro-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. She is one of the Think Tank speaker’s mentors for Asian speakers.

She has been named one of the “100 Iconic Bangladeshi Aussies” and “100 Bangladeshi Professional & Career Women in the World.” She has also been named The Rising Speaker and The Shining Speaker at 100 Speakers, Australia.

Ayesha has 17 years of solid international experience as a Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and Facilitator. She mentors culturally diverse women to build their expertise, is an author coach, mentors Rare Birds’ female speakers in Australia, and has coached Future Fellows in the Red Cross to help them develop a strong empowerment mindset. Her research interests include cultural diversity and inclusion (DEI) and corporate governance. Ayesha is also a TEDx speaker, author of Mindspeed, and founder of Mindspeed Academy. Ayesha’s mission is to empower expert minds to become known for their expertise, generating a return on investment and future value for themselves and their organisations.

Known as a strategic thinker, she loves working with experts to foresee their “big impact.” In speaking, advising, and writing, her number one intention is to direct the perspectives towards the future, as many of us are often stuck in the past or present professional situation—and, thus, confused. She calls that: drive mind, speed success, and live better!