VSAI Jersey Chapter

It is my pleasure to be launching the Jersey Chapter for the Virtual Speaker Association International. Having been a member for over 3 years now during the COVID crisis, I am excited to be creating this group to inspire, empower and enthuse Jersey professional and aspiring speakers.

The launch of the VSAI Jersey Chapter opens up new avenues for collaboration, learning, and networking in the vibrant community of speakers on island. As we navigate a landscape increasingly shaped by virtual interactions, the chapter promises to be a hub for professionals seeking to refine their speaking skills, expand their reach, and make a lasting impact.

Key Features of the VSAI Jersey Chapter

  1. Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops designed to enhance your virtual speaking skills and captivate your audience in the digital realm.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, establish valuable partnerships, and be a part of a community that understands the power of effective communication.
  3. Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Gain insights from seasoned speakers who have made a mark in the virtual speaking landscape, offering wisdom and strategies for success.
  4. Open Mic Sessions: Showcase your talent, share your story, and receive constructive feedback in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Join the Movement

The VSAI Jersey Chapter invites speakers, thought leaders, and communication enthusiasts to join this groundbreaking initiative. 

Together, we shape the future of communication and create a global impact through the power of words.


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Ospreys House, Old St, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3RF

About Jersey

Meet Your Host, Claire Boscq

Claire Boscq an authority in the customer experience industry who is featured in the Customer Experience Global Gurus list.

With three decades of expertise, Claire is an international best seller author with 4 published books and is making her mark as an influential figure in media across Brazil, UAE, India, Asia, US, and Europe.

Claire has captivated audiences in over 20 countries; delivering dynamic and high-energy presentations in both French and English. Not only has she claimed the Institute of Director Award, but she also holds a position on the board of the Feng Shui Guilds Association.

What sets Claire apart is her holistic approach to Customer & Employee Experience, with her creation, the BizShui™ Method. This unique methodology blends traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business and personal needs, infusing businesses with a powerful energy flow. Claire’s expertise doesn’t stop at customer experience; she truly energizes people and places into prosperity.

Are you ready to shift your vibes?