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Congratulating Sir Paul ter Wal, Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau

The highly noble and honorable Sir Ter Wal,
Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Our very own VSAI President, Paul ter Wal is being honored this year, in 2023, for his services to the speaking world both nationally and internationally. He has been knighted for his work in Zolle and his social impact through Rotary, where he was awarded the Harris Fellowship in 2015.

His remarkable contributions to the speaking community have been the main reason for his recognition.

The Order of Orange-Nassau is a chivalric order established in the Netherlands in 1892 to recognize outstanding contributions to society in various fields, such as sports, business, science, and the arts.

The order is named after the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange-Nassau, and is awarded by the Dutch monarch. The order has six classes, and membership of the Order is regarded as the initial rank. The order is intended to honor those who have made exceptional contributions to Dutch society and promote social cohesion and national pride.

Hence, we, the VSAI family would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the highly deserving “Sir” Paul ter Wal.

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