VSAI October Summit 2022


Spread Your Wings

26 October 2022

9.00am – 3.00pm CEST


Join us for one amazing day! How do you reach out to people outside the Speaking Community to earn more money, touch more lives, hone your skills and fly where no one has flown before?

What Outcomes Can You Expect From The Summit?

Live Panels

Great Speakers


The VSAI Summit will bring you leading methodologies to improve on your core skills – Presenting, selling and, relationship building that will greatly enhance your value as a speaker. The speakers we’ve lined up will share how to spread your wings in building partnerships, make collaborations and ultimately more sales.

This will enable you to reach out to a larger clientele, spread your message to a wider audience and move to bigger and better stages!


Paul ter Wal

9.00am – 9.10am CEST

Opening by VSAI President

Elias Kanaris

9.10am – 9.45am CEST

Learning to Lead From The Stop

When your world comes to a grounding halt, you need to find your inner resilience to get you through. 

Lindsay Adams

Renée Hasseldine

9.45am – 10.20am CEST

Spread Your Wings
Using Visual Models

Renée will share her award-winning Think RAPT system that simplifies complex thoughts into 4 powerful visual models.

Lindsay Adams

Insta (3500 × 2500 px)

Filipo Levi

10.20am – 10.55am CEST

TAUTUA Servant Warrior

TAUTUA is a Samoan concept that is a holistic and sustainable way of leading by serving.

Dr. Mohd Jadkareem

Ali Parandeh Zandpour

10.55am – 11.30am CEST

The Entrepreneurial Toolsets
for Speakers

The session will cover several methodologies and web tools/software used to organize my day (personal and professional) to be more productive in my everyday life.

Dr. Mohd Jadkareem


11.30am – 11.40am CEST



Jennifer Lancaster

11.40am – 12.15pm CEST

Publishing a Book to Enhance ‘Brand You’

Publishing a book to spread your message is specific and memorable, it can go further, travelling along the grapevine we call social media, messaging and news sites.

Lindsay Adams

12.15pm – 12.50pm CEST

Strategies for Speakers To Spread Their Wings & Go Beyond!

Michelle Raymond

Vinay Pushpakaran



C.J. Ng

Natasha Quariab

12.50pm – 1.25pm CEST

How To Get Over Sh*t Fast When It Happens & Manipulate Reality To Your Advantage

Resilience in an ever changing world is key to thriving, when you pair resilience with manifestation powers you become able to manipulate reality to your favor.

Jessica Breitenfeld

Jessica Breitenfeld

1.25 pm – 1.40pm CEST

Speed Networking

Feruz Akbarov

1.50pm – 2.15pm CEST

Vlogging for Better Education

Push beyond the societal barriers and discover breakthroughs / rediscover dimensions of already existing mechanisms, principles or methods through vlogging


Christine Morlet, CSP

2.15pm – 2.50pm CEST

How To Energize Yourself To Spread Your Wings And Thrive

This talk will unlock your inner potential and give you energetic healing tools to spread your butterfly wings and thrive, full of energy around yourself. 


Paul ter Wal

2.50pm – 3.00pm CEST

Closing by VSAI President

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