10 November 2021

8am – 3pm CET

Join us for one amazing day. Here is practical methodology from some of the best speakers on the planet, who will be sharing their expertise on Sales and Marketing.

You will experience:

  • A Live Panel with Wendy Lee
  • A Virtual Networking Event online by Jessica Breitenfeld, Team Whisperer
  • Twelve Fabulous Speakers

All our members get that gratis with their membership. By upgrading, you too will gain a 12-month membership for just €49.

This incredible offer is to assist you become successful this 2021. For just €49, you get access to every summit session, including the LIVE Panels. In Addition – You Will Receive a One-Year Membership to the Virtual Speakers Association International – Normally €365, for just €49.

This includes ability to:

  1. Access all of our library of high value content on the business of speaking
  2. Access to Fortnightly Live Webinars during 2021 hosted by the cream of Global Speakers
  3. The Ability to Network, Connect and Collaborate with other Speakers Globally
  4. A path of Professional Development that will see you Accredited Globally
  5. Ability to become involved in the direction of the Association and give back 

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Your Summit Line Up

Lindsay Adams (1)

8:00am: Virtual Speakers Association Network Opening

Opening by Mike Handcock and Lindsay Adams, President of VSAI

Tariq Mohammadi

8:15am: Tariq Mohammadi - Listen to your Client Before You Sell

*More wisdom and knowledge about how listening help your client

Pravin Shekar

8:45am: Pravin Shekar - Outlier Marketing: Selling without Selling

* How to sell without selling
* How to rekindle old flames (OK, this is specific to old connections/contacts!)
* How to have a clear framework to leverage the power of existing networks

Wendy Lee

9:15am: PANEL DISCUSSION - Sales Strategies for Speakers ​

Panel Discussion with Cathy O´dowd, Maria Franzoni and Shelley Walters
Hosted by Wendy Lee, VSAI Board Member

Cathy O'Dowd

9:40am: Cathy O'Dowd - From Mountains to Management: Behind the Scenes with an Inspirational Speaker

*What 'inspirational/motivational' speeches look like, who buys them and why.
* How to keeping selling the same stories while adapting to a range of clients and industries.
* Where the bookings come from, and the future of webinar bookings post-pandemic.

Arthur Goldstuck

10:05am: Arthur Goldstuck - Digital Marketing: the 5-second Challenge

* Insights into the changes coming to search, marketing and communications as a result of the meeting between algorithms and short attention spans.

Shelley Walters

10:30am: Shelley Walters - What Every Speaker Needs to Know About Selling to Businesses

Maria Franzoni

11:00am: Maria Franzoni - What Makes Speakers Bookable – What does it Take to be in the Top 1% Most Booked?

*The four keys to being more bookable and make more money.

David Newman

11:30am: David Newman, CSP - High Fee VIP: How Speakers Can Maximize their Value, Impact, and Profitability

*A powerful self-assessment on 9 key accelerators of a high-fee speaking, consulting or executive coaching business
*How to dial in your positioning with EXACTLY what clients you serve and what problems you solve so that you get much better leads
*How NOT to wrong-charge, undercharge, or lose business because your fee is too low

David Avrin

12:00pm David Avrin - Future-Proofing Your Speaking Business So You Can Be Here Next Year

*What does it take to become and remain relevant and fundable.

Yuri van der Sluis

12:25pm: Yuri van der Sluis - Sell by Helping to Confidently Buy

*Helping speakers to convert opportunities with less effort and greater success

Ford Saeks

12:55pm: Ford Saeks - How to Grow Your Speaking Empire and Monetize Your Expertise

*Insider secrets to help you generate multiple streams of income from YOUR expertise.

Mark Brown

1:25pm: Mark Brown, CSP - Changing Lanes

*Strategies for marketing coaching

Jessica Breitenfeld

1:45pm: Speed Connecting - The New Networking

Hosted by Jessica Breitenfeld

Sabirul Islam

2:00pm: Sabirul Islam - The Personal & Strategic Branding Pillars of Public Speaking

* How to shape a career in Public Speaking through personal branding
* How to create your own strategic pillars that provide an opportunity for growth
* How to impact your speaking career with new and existing marketing methods
* Why your name sells and how to package it

Dr. Mohammed Jadkareem


Closing remarks by Dr. Mohammed Jadkareem

UPGRADE For Just €49 and gain, not only access to the recordings so you can enjoy the sessions in your own time, but a 12 Month Membership to the Virtual Speakers Association International, which includes full learning library, live fortnightly webinars, global connections and professional development path (Normally €365) 

What Outcomes Can You Expect From The Summit?

The Virtual Speakers Marketing Summit 2021 has been designed to help you succeed this 2021 as you adapt to the new normal. We are bringing you fantastic speakers from six different countries, many multiple award winners and several with the highest accreditations in the world, hosted by our experts at VSA International.

All sessions are live feed through to you, and you will have a chance to interact and ask questions along the way.

In addition there is a global networking session and two very important questions being discussed by our panels.

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