The SuperPower of Reading People

Start Date: 14-02-2024
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
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Get the unfair advantage in communication with this month’s session with The People Reader, Michelle Mills-Porter.

Build Massive Rapport with others by reading the hidden language. This language is older than the hills, yet it is rarely spoken. It is never taught in schools. It is understood on a subconscious level by the best communicators in the world. But can you understand it?

This is the language that translates micro facial expressions, advanced body language, recognises behaviour types by words that are used, phrases and tone… The way one shakes your hand, even by the clothes that people wear.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Connect with your audience before you even walk on stage.
  2. Understand how your clients want to be sold to.
  3. Get your proposal half way signed before it even hits their desk!
  4. Know when to walk away and how to make someone else walk away!

About Michelle:

Michelle is The People Reader, expert in human behaviour, communication, motivation and collaboration. Her insights come with the neurodivergence she was born with. Added to that, her first hand experience of witnessing human behaviour in the face of adversity and over a decade of study, research and development which led her to create a suite of analysis tools that help leaders to unleash the “People Power” of their organisation and individuals to unleash their magnificence.

Michelle is the Outstanding Senior Female Executive 2023, in the Women’s Awards West Midlands, UK, the Inspirational leader finalist as chosen by Sandra Pollock OBE, and is currently nominated as the Entrepreneur for Good 2024 in the RE Awards. Michelle is the current Membership Director and National President Elect of the PSA UK&I.

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