The Power of Play in Virtual Meetings

Start Date: 09-11-2022
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
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The Power of Play in Virtual Meetings
Event Overview

Presenting through Zoom is not the same as presenting on a stage. You can’t ask people to put their screens away and give you their full attention – it is through these screens that your audience is watching you! Unfortunately for speakers, one-way communication is easy to ignore. Zoom fatigue makes our audiences tune out, and highly addictive social media is only a click away. By using the Power of Play, and inviting interaction from your attendees, your next Zoom presentation will be engaging, exciting, and full of smiles.

By having a good game on-demand, you can raise the energy of any virtual meeting. ‘Does anyone want to play a quick game?’ is a quick diversion that is welcomed by people who are ready to tune out.

This live, interactive workshop will teach you how to lead 10 easy low-tech games that will invigorate your meeting and demand attention. We will also network with other attendees, and share what’s working in virtual events right now.

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Event Category: Business & Professional
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