The Awesome Art of Speaking from the Heart

Start Date: 21-09-2022
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
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The Awesome Art of Speaking from the Heart - Terry Ghani
Event Overview

If you’re looking for a hero figure to inspire and motivate you or your organisation, then he’s not your guy. No, he didn’t climb Everest or turn rags into riches.  He does however, have one superpower.  He finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. He sees miracles in every thing that goes well and revels in teachable moments in everything that went wrong.

An everyday man, spouse, dad, friend, colleague, who has experienced missteps that cost him his relationships with the ones he loves most, as well as his businesses and his wealth. Most men who rise from the ashes speak only of their financial success. Terry shares his journey of recovery to help people understand the power of gratitude, humility, kindness, grace and love, and how you can lead your life and your organisation towards abundance with these powerful virtues.

He calls this the Awesome Art Of Being Human.

As speakers, we sometimes take on a stage persona to match the audience, or overload their senses with data and metrics, forgetting that they too, are human beings seeking to connect with the human on stage. Here’s your chance to catch an insight of how Terry Ghani, the humanitarian evangelist, speaks from the heart, rather than just from the mind.

Here are some takeaways you’d benefit from the session:

  • Better understanding of what makes the audience tick
  • Building better content with a sensible balance of heart space vs mind space
  • Making your expression a longer lasting impression

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