Speakers’ Cybersecurity Blindspots

Start Date: 26-07-2023
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
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As cyber threats and our dependence on technology grows, cybersecurity awareness and preparedness take centre stage for professional speakers. How do
we protect our digital assets, sensitive information, and online presence?

Our reputation and business operations can be severely impacted by data breaches, hacking attempts, or identity theft. This means a rapidly growing need to educate ourselves on best cybersecurity practices and emerging threats so that we are trustworthy of our clients and event organizers.

What are the resources we can seek to defend our digital domain?
What is phishing?
What is ransomware?
What is the human element in cybersecurity?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Some common and poor cybersecurity practices
  • Immediate proactive cybersecurity measures a speaker can take for digital self-defense
  • How to build a culture of security within the speaking business

About Neerja:

A Generational Diversity Speaker, Author of four generational books & Columnist on staying A Step Ahead of Gen-next, Neerja Singh is the Seenager or senior teenager. A millennial in spirit, with the benefit of hindsight, her TEDx talk on Generational Wellness & Youth Suicide is titled “The Unaffordable Cost of Generation Gap”. A certified virtual presenter, Neerja has completed five LinkedIn Learning courses in her subject. She just earned a Stanford University course certification on “Love as a force of social justice”.

Neerja uses her 37 years in media and education to help harness generational diversity at work and at home. Neerja was the PSAI President 2021-22 and represents the association on the Global Speakers Federation Board.

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