Dear Digital, We Need To Talk

Start Date: 23-01-2024
Start Time: 11:00 PM (CEST)
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Event Overview

Brain-based strategies to help your team achieve peak-performance in a digital age

Are you on the verge of declaring email bankruptcy? Suffering from constant Zoom-gloom, Teams-tiredness???

Are your tech habits leaving you feeling stressed, distracted and exhausted? You’re not alone.

Rates of burnout are steadily on the rise. Why? Our tech habits are completely incongruent with how our brains and bodies are designed… our Human Operating System (hOS). This keynote will help you to dominate your digital distractions and stop screens from adding to your stress.

Learn brain-based strategies to tame your toxic tech-habits and thrive in the digital world.

Key Takeaways

  • A menu of brain-based protocols that you can easily integrate into your day to optimise your performance and wellbeing in the digital world
  • What is the chief superskill of the 21st Century and simple things you can do daily to optimise this skill
  • Why digital disconnection is critical for your productivity and wellbeing.

About Dr. Kristy

Having personally experienced how our always-on digital culture is compromising people’s wellbeing and is counter to optimal and sustainable performance, award-winning researcher and speaker Dr Kristy Goodwin is on a mission to promote employee wellbeing and bolster workplace productivity in an always-on digital world.

Dr Kristy, author of Dear Digital, We need to talk shares realistic, research-based microhabits that people can apply to tame their digital habits and thrive in the digital world. As one of Australia’s digital wellbeing and productivity experts, she shares practical brain-based hacks to tame tech habits and the latest evidence-based strategies to decode the neurobiology of peak performance in the technological era.

Senior business leaders and HR executives from the country’s top organisations engage Dr Kristy to help them promote employee digital wellbeing and performance. Her roster of clients includes Apple, Deutsche Bank, McDonald’s, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and Cuscal.

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