Be Thumb-Stopping! All the Tricks to Video Storytelling for Big Impact on the Small Screen

Start Date: 24-03-2021
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
End Date: 24-03-2021
End Time: 10:00 AM (CEST)
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Be Thumb-Stopping!

All the tricks to video storytelling for big impact on the small screen  

We’re in a time when the video gets eyeballs, attention is short, boring is unforgivable and stories are more powerful than ever. Short-form video storytelling will be a new skill and those that can do it will be in demand. The good news: it’s a skill and skills that can be learned. 


1. How to turn your everyday moments into stories that bring your customer closer. These are the real digital storytelling secrets.

2. Show Don’t Tell – new ways to tell a story without words.

3. Create a magic carpet ride – how to use the language of video enchant viewers while giving you a break from presenting


Julian Mather has seen the world through many lenses. Through a telescopic sight as an army sniper. Through the TV lens as a globe-trotting videographer for ABCTV, National Geographic, and BBC. Through smoke and mirrors as a professional magician.

Now the Video Magician, he teaches you all the tricks you need to enchant your customers with video, to make videos like a pro – without the expense! and how to turn your humble staff into video stars.

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