Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Gone

Start Date: 13-03-2024
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
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Embracing Courageous Action for Personal and Professional Growth as a Speaker

In this empowering talk, Nigel will delve into the transformative power of boldness and bravery in both personal and professional speaking spheres. You will explore how embracing courage can lead to profound growth and success in your speaking business. Through real-life examples and actionable strategies, you will learn to confront challenges head-on, seize opportunities, and propel themselves forward fearlessly.

You will understand the importance of feedback in recognizing areas for improvement and growth. Learn how to leverage feedback to refine your skills and enhance your performance, ultimately increasing your chances of success and rebooking.

You will embrace the necessity of taking calculated risks in pursuit of your goals and aspirations. You will learn how stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to innovation, growth, and unparalleled opportunities for success. Gain the confidence to embrace uncertainty and boldly pursue your dreams, knowing that the greatest rewards often come from daring to venture into the unknown.

And there wil be so much more value!

Key Takeaways:

  1. If you aren’t being rebooked, that’s feedback:
  2. If you aren’t treated well, you haven’t shared what you need:
  3. If you aren’t taking risks, why bother:

About Nigel:

Nigel Risner is a motivational speaker and author known for his expertise in leadership and communication. He has received several awards for his work in these areas.

Nigel Risner is called the “Zookeeper” because of his book “It’s a Zoo Around Here” which uses the metaphor of a zoo to describe different personality types that exist within organizations. In his book, he classifies people into four different animal types – lions, monkeys, elephants, and dolphins – based on their behavior, communication style, and work preferences. According to Risner, lions are strong, dominant and goal-oriented, monkeys are energetic and thrive on change, elephants are patient and detail-oriented, and dolphins are creative and people-focused. By understanding these different personality types, individuals and teams can learn how to communicate more effectively, work together more efficiently, and achieve their goals more successfully.

Risner uses his expertise as a motivational speaker, coach and author to help individuals and organizations understand the animal types within their teams and work with them to achieve their goals. Through his engaging and humorous approach, he encourages people to embrace their unique strengths and talents and work collaboratively with others to achieve success.

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