The Results of Our Recent Summit

The first VSAI summit was held on 4 December 2020.

8 Speakers, 2 Panels and a Virtual networking session. The results and feedback were great. With 217 registered and another 800 in and out on the Facebook Live stream all speakers were well accepted. We focussed on technology, with Websites, LinkedIn and Getting Organised online – a big thing for this year. Then we moved into Marketing, Positioning and creating Online courses. We had one of the worlds leading speaking bureaus give input in how to work with bureaus and finished up with a brilliant session on how to make money at home.

The two panels focussed on the future of speaking and making the most out of membership.

Which brings me to the point of grabbing a membership. For just €49 for 2020 you can become a member listen to all the speakers from the summit and many others in our library plus get on 20+ live webinars and coaching clinics for 2021 regardless of where you are around the world. Plus there is a fabulous professional development path.

Click here to join: https://vsainternational.org/course/vsa-international-for-virtual-speakers/

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