Networking Session (Open to Members & Non-Members)

Start Date: 06-04-2023
Start Time: 05:00 PM (CEST)
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Event Overview

If money were not an issue- what topic would you speak about? If you stopped worrying about how to gain new clients- could you relax and be yourself at networking events? Who is your dream audience?

VSA is the fastest-growing Professional Speakers Association in the world- let´s connect and build community. 

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Regular networking focuses on selling ourselves, but here we focus on connecting organically, to opening up to meeting your new business partner, client or collaborator.

Who knows what might happen when you say ‘Yes, and…’

Breakout rooms, speed conversations, and group talk- all in one hour.

About the Host

Jessica Breitenfeld has been on the board of the VSAInternational for 2 years. She is also a member of 3 Professional Speakers Associations: UK and Spain- she knows about connecting online. Having led hundreds of people during Covid through her Adaptability IQ training- she knows the engagement secrets most speakers forget to use– connecting on values.

Her company is called Engage Communication Training. She has lived in Barcelona for 7 years and has taught presentation skills to Damm, Coca Cola, Maersk, JustEat, B Braun, La Caixa, HM and many more- always training the mindset of connection- whose power lies in two words ¨Yes, And¨

A linguist and therapist who has lived in eight countries, join Jessica for our Speed Connecting event.

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Event Category: Meeting or Networking Event
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