More Than Ever, It’s Time To Be Optimistic!

Start Date: 10-08-2022
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
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Our industry is undergoing unprecedented change. How can we plan for the future when everything tells us it will be complicated?

Now as a speaker, times seem tough. Or not… What if the future is made of opportunities? Join us on a journey this coming 10th August 2022 and discover how to use optimism as a weapon in these VUCA times.

Michel Poulaert, CSP, has been an international motivational speaker since 2006 and is known has “the man of 1000 speeches”. With an energy and dynamism that have made his reputation, Michel is a true showman who combines relevant, pragmatic, inspiring and motivating content. This French guy, former sales executive in Holland, has a great strength : optimism !

His personal attitude, boldness and vision of failure make him a memorable, eloquent and compelling speaker. With 160,000 fans on Facebook and more than 10,000 subscribers on Youtube, he’s a strong influencer and an ambassador of the positive attitude.

With his significant experience of more than 20 years in international business, Michel had worked with people of different cultures and he speaks with lightness, energy, enthusiasm and humor whilst offering pragmatic keys that anyone can immediately apply.

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