Lights! Camera! Action!

Start Date: 24-11-2021
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
End Date: 24-11-2021
End Time: 10:00 AM (CEST)
Event Overview

Every keynote, presentation, or workshop is an opportunity to connect with an audience: to transform someone’s world, to inspire, and to make the invisible, visible. The world of video, Zoom, and other virtual platforms have now given speakers unprecedented access to a global audience and the power of global transformation.

Simone de Haas, International Speaker & Mentor, Theatre/Film; TV Professional and Founder of Seasoned Voices™, will provide insights and actionable techniques to help you create a masterful and compelling ‘on camera’ performance. Using tools and techniques developed over thirty years of experience in the performing arts, Simone will guide you through some “scene studies” specifically designed to light up, focus and amplify your ‘on camera’ skills.


Simone de Haas speaks internationally on Transformational Leadership, Creativity, and Stagecraft & Storytelling. Drawing on 30+ years of leading diverse groups as a multi-award-winning theatre-director and producer, Simone brings intriguing, ground-breaking perspectives and possibilities to individuals and organisations who seek to become dynamically future-active.

Simone is a masterful communicator, coach and mentor. Her unique and diverse portfolio of work in both the creative industries and the corporate world creates a strong platform for developing transformational leaders and building exceptional organisations.

As the Founder & Director of Seasoned Voices™, Simone coaches and mentors international speakers, thought-leaders, authors, and experts to prepare keynotes, presentations, and TEDx talks – both in person and virtually.

Her client base includes organizations in Finance, Investment, Real Estate, MLM, Creative Industries, Regional and Rural Business Development, as well as individual C-Suite Executives and Professional and Emerging Speakers.

Simone’s creative capacities move effortlessly and pragmatically between stage and boardroom. Whether she is singing, directing, telling quirky leadership stories, or displaying the power of creative improvisation, her presence brings extraordinary insights into the new world that is evolving.

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