Dissecting My Keynote into Golden Nuggets

Start Date: 12-04-2023
Start Time: 09:00 AM (CEST)
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In this unique presentation Steve Judge will share how he turned his energetic ‘on stage’ performance into an award winning virtual show. He will explain how to stand out from the crowd when performing online so as to be memorable and empowering.

About Steve Judge:

“At the age of 28, a devastating car accident left Steve Judge fighting for his life and following life saving operations was subsequently told that he may never walk again”

Not leaning on his excuses he set goals, turning his excuses into challenges learning to stand and walk again. Steve continued his journey which took him from wheelchair to two times World champion in the sport of paratriathlon.

Now as a professional speaker he has received numerous awards and talks internationally. He’s also an established author and has set up and now runs his business as a resilience coach and runs goal achieving workshops.

Steve’s ongoing mission is to help people, inspire others and motivate many and is always looking for opportunities to achieve this.

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