Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Even Experienced Virtual Presenters Make

Start Date: 26-04-2023
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Rebecca Morgan
Event Overview

You’ve sat through sooooo many boring virtual presentations. You don’t want to be one of those presenters who drives others to multitask.
You feel you’re pretty good, since you’ve been giving virtual presentations for a while. But “pretty good” doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s time to up your game to stand out.

Are you making mistakes that even experienced virtual presenters make? Most likely.

Your livelihood depends, at least in part, on you mastering virtual presentations. If you do, you’ll see your revenue soar. You want to lead engaging, thought-provoking, interesting, interactive, memorable presentations. But how?

Best practices and innovative techniques for virtual business presentations are hard to find. Watching hours of YouTube videos yield few usable ideas. You don’t want to waste time watching videos for elementary teachers — your audience is adults.

Rebecca will share what decreases virtual presenters’ credibility and connection and how to fix common problems.


Key Takeaways

  • Avoid common virtual presentation mistakes that nearly no one is talking about
  • Increase your audience engagement with tools at your fingertips
  • Help your audience feel more connected to you
  • Create more compelling slides

About Rebecca

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, CVP, VMP, is an international speaker, trainer and management consultant. She’s appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, National Public Radio and USA Today as well as international media. Rebecca is the bestselling author of 28 books. Two have sold over 250,000 copies each and have been translated into 9 languages.

She’s been giving virtual presentations since 1996 — you can’t imagine how primitive they were then! Since then, she’s honed and mastered the nuances of virtual presentations.

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