4 December 2020

8am – 6pm Holland Time (GST+1)

Join us for one amazing day of LIVE Summit Experience. You will be entertained and enlightened in practical methodology from some of the best speakers on the planet, who will be sharing their ‘HOW TO’s’ to make your 2021 a year to remember.

You will experience:

  • A Live Panel on the Future of Speaking with Representatives from Australia, Netherlands, Sweden & Malaysia
  • A Virtual Networking Event online in Zoom
  • The Ability to Access Questions and Answers via the Moderator
  • A Second Panel on Maximising Your Association’s Membership
  • Plus… 9 Fabulous Speakers in three topic areas:  THE DIGITAL WORLD | MARKETING | GETTING GLOBAL VIRTUALLY

Register For The Summit Below:

Upgrade To LIFETIME Access & GAIN a ONE-YEAR Membership To The Virtual Speakers Association

This incredible offer is to assist you to recover from 2020. For just €49 you can upgrade to lifetime access to every summit session, including the LIVE Panels. In Addition – You Will Receive a One-Year Membership to the Virtual Speakers Association International – Normally €365, for just €49.

This includes ability to:

  1. Access all of our library of high value content on the business of speaking
  2. Access to Fortnightly Live Webinars during 2021 hosted by the cream of Global Speakers
  3. The Ability to Network, Connect and Collaborate with other Speakers Globally
  4. A path of Professional Development that will see you Accredited Globally
  5. Ability to become involved in the direction of the Association and give back 

Your Summit Line Up


8am: PANEL - The Future of Speaking

Mia Liljeberg (Sweden), Jonathan Low (Malaysia) & Lindsay Adams (Australia) speak on the Future of the Speaking and Training Industry post Co-Vid 19 and how it will change and shape in 2021 and beyond.


8.45am: Liz Hardwick (UK) - How to DigiEnable Your Speaking Business

*Learn how to track, empower and improve all your processes online
*Hacking the Calendar and Social Media Time Management
*ZenForInbox, Hootsuite, BlueMailMe and Heaps of other Useful Tools - A Heads Up


9.20am: Rickus Jacobs (VT) - Why Your Website is Costing You Money & How To Fix It

*What gives a Website authority and what makes it boring.
*The 5 types of websites and how to maximise yours for income
*The Psychology of Colour and Use of Heirachy


10.30am: Renier Lombard (SA) - How to Maximise LinkedIn

*Building a Fundamental Profile that doesn't lead people astray
*Connecting with your core Avatar and getting them to take ACTION
*Utilising LinkedIn in ways your competitors have only dreamed of


11.30am: NETWORKING: Guided Networking Event

Frowa Schuitemaker (NL) will guide you on how to connect, collaborate and co-create with other live people who have joined the Summit from around the world.


12:00pm: Mike Handcock (NZ) - How to add $100k to your bottom line in 2021

*Showing you how to stand out in what seems a crowded marketplace
*How to make every Keynote, Webinar and Training Session a Sales Funnel
*How to Productise Your Idea and Make Natural Up and Down Sells


12.50pm: Peter Anthony (USA) - How To Build Online Courses That Sell Wel

*There's a new course formula that people who sell courses a lot use
*Why Memorable Stories Grow Audiences
*Breaking Down Structure, CTA's, Baseline Deliverables and the Stuff that Makes Money


1.45pm: Steve Lowell (Can) - Discover Your Repumeter

*Why some people's reputation is sky high even though they are new at speaking
*Why clients seek out some speakers and not others
*How to literally become the unmistakable authority in your field


2.30pm: PANEL - Maximise Your Community & Membership

Panel Features Paul Ter Wal (NL), Ian Gibbs (Esp), Marina Smolynov (Isr) on how to gain the most from your membership to a speaking association and the Global Speakers Federation.


3.15pm: Paul McConnon (SA) - Speaking Bureaus and the Future of What They Want From YOU

*How Speaking Bureaus Work and What They Like & Dislike
*What's selling in the 2021 landscape
*What are do's and son't that will get you booked again and again


4.00pm: Frank Furness (UK) - New Tools For Speakers Who Want To Be Global

*How to Set up at Home. What gear to get on a budget
*Greenscreens, Backdrops and Video Hacks and Tricks
*Apps, Sales Tools, Selling Off Zoom, and Much Much More...

UPGRADE For Just €49 and gain, not only lifetime access to the Summit so you can enjoy the sessions in your own time, but a 12 Month Membership to the Virtual Speakers Association International, which includes full learning library, live fortnightly webinars, global connections and professional development path (Normally €365) 

What Outcomes Can You Expect From The Summit?

The Virtual Speakers Summit 2020 has been designed to set you up for 2021 and a return to the new normal. We are bringing you fantastic speakers from 7 different countries, many multiple award winners and several with the highest accreditations in the world, hosted by our experts at VSA International. All sessions are live feed through to you, and you will have a chance to interact and ask questions along the way. In addition there is a global networking session and two very important questions being discussed by our panels. If you can be there for all of it live you can pick and choose who you want to learn from and you could upgrade to lifetime access. All our members get that gratis with their membership. By upgrading you too will gain a 12 month membership for just €49 (which is not even 20%) of the normal pricing.

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